Monthly Meeting Minutes

Minutes – Dec. 11, 2019

Eastern Shore of Virginia Anglers Club Board of Directors

Present: Ken Schultz, Marty Bull, Leroy Imler, Sam Sellard, Jean Sellard, David Page, Nancy Page, Ray Willett, Don McGavock, Steve Elliott, Dorothy Elliott, George Phillips, and Brian Hill.

Old Business


Treasurer Ken Schultz reported that the membership list he inherited from the previous Treasurer/Secretary has 317 names on it, many of whom are past members. Currently 159 are listed as paid members. Adding in 43 people listed as family members brings the estimated total membership to 202. However, some people did not list all family members when they joined.

The Board directed the Secretary and Treasurer to revise the application form, create a new letter to members, and revise the membership list(s). They will stress the need for e-m addresses to communicate with members, how those addresses have been used, and a few other points. It was agreed that there would be no increase in dues for 2020.


Treasurer Ken Schultz reported the following account balances as of this date: $2,313 in checking, $2,806 in savings, and $7,459 in a CD that matures in June 2020. Upcoming income includes $2,200 from the VMRC for youth fishing events; expenses to come include an insurance bill, $300 for a youth fishing days sign, and routine business. The Board renewed its interest in a $150 gift certificate for Matt Abell, which the Treasurer will take care of.


Ken reported that the current general liability insurance does not cover our youth fishing events and any injury that might occur at these. That policy, with Windsor-Mt. Joy insurance (the agent is Maureen Cody at Avery Hall in Salisbury), specifically covers our members and is specific to our fishing tournament, banquet, and meetings for premises liability and damage to facilities caused by the club, and the rates are based on us not serving or selling alcohol.

There was discussion about whether we needed this policy, as we have no real assets in the event of being sued. Ms. Cody had advised that many places where events are held require organizations to provide their own insurance in case of damage caused by the organization at the site, if someone gets injured at the site through the fault of the organization, and/or if there is a food issue/sickness.

Quotes were obtained from two companies for Special Risk insurance to cover the youth fishing events. The Board decided to accept the one from Hartford (which came through Ms. Cody), which carries an annual cost of $422 and can commence in April 2020. It was believed that the expense of this could be offset by VMRC funds and included in our expense reporting to VMRC.

Youth Fishing Days

Steve Elliott reported that the club returned $308 to the VMRC for unspent expenses in 2019, and that he has signed the contract for 2020 and will receive those funds ($2,200) in a few weeks. The 2020 proposal was for two events, and the Board confirmed its interest in having three events for 2020, the third being youth surf fishing. A VMRC representative had indicated that we could amend our 2020 proposal to include an additional youth event provided that we did not exceed the budget previously submitted and did not request additional funds. Steve will notify the VMRC that we wish to amend the 2020 contract to allow us to hold and expense three events. Since requests for 2021 funding have to be submitted in March of 2020, Steve will construct the next proposal to include three events.

March 7, 2020 Banquet

Marc Gaskins reported to President Sam Sellard that for various reasons the Chincoteague Fire Hall and Don’s Seafood in Chincoteague were not options for 2020. Banquet chairman Marty Bull presented cost info for the Elks Club in Accomac, based on an anticipated attendance of 100 people. The Board opted for a $29 meal option, and after much haranguing from Marty (!), agreed that it would subsidize the cost over the previously agreed cap of $25 per person. The cost he presented included taxes and gratuities, and there was an additional charge of either $75 or $100 for cleanup depending on whether we had more or less than 100 attendees. The Elks cannot serve non Elks members alcohol. Marty suggested that we get an alcohol permit so that members could bring their own alcohol (which is what the Elks told him could be done), but the Board decided not to do this as it seemed to conflict with our insurance policy.

The Treasurer wrote a check for $200 to the Elks as a deposit for this event. Marty will meet with the Banquet Committee to make decisions about the particulars of the event and, as noted in a previous Board meeting, will otherwise adhere to expenses contained in the 2020 budget.

New Business

Event & Outing Dates, 2020

Dates were established for the outings and youth events and the Bay Challenge, including the following:

April 26, Assateague Youth Surf Fishing

June 7, Morley’s Wharf Youth Pier Fishing

Sept. 20, Saxis Youth Pier Fishing

Oct. 10, Onancock Bay Challenge


Minutes from November 11, 2019

     Sam Sellard opened the meeting and read minutes of the previous meeting.  Treasurer, Ken Schultz, reported that the checking account, the CD, and the Savings total was $12,727.

     Brian Hill reported that there were many new fish entries.

     Ken Schultz’s conservation report was about the reduction of Rockfish in the Chesapeake Bay.  He reported that Omega Protein had intentionally exceeded its quota by thirty per cent.  Also that the AFMSC had restricted Rockfish catch in the ocean to one fish, 28-35inches.and that circle hooks be required when fishing with bait.

      New Business.  There will be a vote at the December meeting to approve the newest version of the Anglers’ Club By-laws.

     Marty Bull reported that the club surf team placed second out of a field of 120 teams in the 2019 Hatteras Surf Fishing Tournament.

     Member Gary Seay spoke at length in favor of all fish entries being weighed.  It was explained to him by several members that in part it was a conservation measure, that we didn’t want to kill fish just so they could be weighed.  He asked if this were an Anglers’ Club or a Conservation Club.  Mr. Seay finally sat down and Sam Sellard gave a talk on the benefits of using popping corks.

Eastern Shore Anglers’ Club

October 14, 2019  

Sam Sellard opened the meeting.

Ken Schultz issued the Treasurers Report.  He also asked for input regarding the purchase of liability insurance to cover all ESAC Events.  In addition, he reported that he had paid for the ESAC members to become members of the Virginia Saltwater Sportfishing Association, VSSA.

Committee Reports:

     Bay Challenge.  Don McGavock reported that 127 Adults and 17 Juniors participated.  He said that the club would give the CBFS
$2500 for Conservation Scholarships.  He thanked the Bay Challenge Committee for their contributions to the tournament and asked that others, especially younger members, join the committee.

Old Business:  None

New Business:

     Sam Sellard reported that the Board of the ESAC had installed new officers and chairs:

          Ken Schultz, Treasurer; Don McGavock; Ray Willett, Outings Chairman; and Marty Bull, Johnny Conquest Kid’s Day Chairman.  Also reported that Marty’s committee would consist of Tim and Cindy Smith, David and Nancy Page, Ron Wolff, Sterling Forwood, Carole Turner, and Mark Gaskins.      Member, Brooks Howell, reported that the Accomack County Supervisors would meet Sept. 16 to discuss the renovation of the Hacksneck boat ramp and the purchase of land for parking.  He asked that the club be represented at the meeting to promote the ramp and access to Nandua Creek.

The Speaker, Steve Atkinson, of VSSA talked about the reduction of Striper population due to Menhaden harvest.  He asked for support to combat the forces in the legislature preventing regulation.

                                                                        Respectfully submitted:

                                                                          Don McGavock, Secretary


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